Rohrzellen Fenstervorhang und Produktionsverfahren

Couverture de fenêtre en cellule tubulaire et méthode de fabrication

Tubular cell window covering and method of manufacture


An expandable and contractible tubular cell window covering (20) includes a plurality of contiguous cells (24) which have been bonded together to form a wavy or undulating pattern along the length of the cells. The undulating or wavy patterns can be created by initially stretching the cells before bonding adjacent cells and subsequently releasing the stretch so that the fibres engaged with the bonding medium remain in a stretched or separated condition while the remaining fibres are relaxed. The cells can also be bonded with an adhesive that expands on curing to create the same effect without having the pre-stretch the fabric before applying the bonding medium. In a third embodiment of the invention, adjacent tubular cells are bonded together with curved lines of adhesive which again create an undulating or wavy configuration along the length of each tubular cell. The methods for forming the window covering is also disclosed.




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