Fenêtre à panneaux coulissants et pivotants

Fenster mit verschiebbaren und drehbaren Scheiben

Window with sliding and pivoted panes


A window with sliding and pivoted panes (2), which consists of a pair of lateral sections (1) and a pair of upper and lower, essentially "U" shaped guides (3s, 3i), along which the said panes slide, with central separating sections (4) on both sides, respectively. Said separating sections (4) and a leaf (5) of the upper and lower edges are detachable. On each of the upper and lower edges of each pane are inserted sections (8s, 8i), which have rolling components (9), as well as a respective semi-shaft (10), which is capable of being retracted within the section proper of the edge of the pane or of making it protrude in order to insert it inside a drilled hole (11) of the bottom of the corresponding base guide (3i), in the function of a joint, with means (12) being provided for setting the position of each semi-shaft (10). For the case of conventional already existing windows, an adapter device is provided for the sliding and pivoting of the window panes (17), said device consisting of various blocks (14), each of which is attachable to a respective corner of the window pane (17), and is also provided with a rolling component (18), a semi-shaft (19) as well as means (26) for setting the position of the semi-shaft proper (19).




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