Rohrförmiger, pultrudierter Gegenstand mit gleichmässiger Wanddicke

Tubular pultruded member having uniform wall thickness

Objet tubulaire pultrudé à épaisseur uniforme


The method of making a tubular pultruded member (23) having a longitudinal axis and a substantially uniform wall thickness throughout includes providing a heated die (17) with a mandrel extending through the forming die section, and a bath of liquid polymer (14), simultaneously pulling continuous reinforcing fibers (12) and at least one carrier tape (25) with wall spacers through the liquid polymer bath around the mandrel and into and through the heated die (17) to shape and cure the liquid polymer into a tubular pultruded member, the wall spacers having a thickness equal to the uniform distance between the outside surface of the mandrel and the inside surface of the die.




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