Kohlenhydrate-Komplexe zur Vernichtung von Krebszellen

Carbohydrate complexes for destruction of resistant cancer cells

Complexes d'hydrates de carbone pour la destruction de cellules cancéreuses


A process for the production of a chemotherapeutically useful carbohydrate complex, comprising the steps of:    modifying a carbohydrate with an enzyme or an acid;    treating a destruction compound in the modified carbohydrate containing 2-methoxyethanol solution; and    adding a MgSO₄ solution to the solution,    wherein the destruction compound is selected from the group consisting of    I(ZnCl₂)-NN-CH₂COOC₂H₅, tert-(CH₃)₃CC₆H₃(OH₂)₂    I(CaCl₂)-NN-CH₂COOC₂H₅, I(CuCl₂)-NHC₆H₃(OH) COOH,    HNHNOCNH₄C₆, CaNCOOC₂H₅, I(CaCl₂), CaN-CH₂COOC₂H₅,    Na₂ CH₂ COOC₂H₅, Cu(NH₄)₂Cl₄, HONHCONH₂, Mg:NCH₂CH₂Br,    1,4-C₁₀H₆O-NCONHCH₂CH₂-OH, HONHCOCH₂CH₂NH₂,    C₅H₄N-CONHNH₂, 1,4-C₁₀H₆O:N-CH₂COOC₂H₅,    p-C₆H₄O-NCH₂COOC₂H₅. 6-C₅H₃N₄-N:N-CH₂COOC₂H₅,    I(CuCl₂)-NN-CH₂COOC₂H₅, Hg:NCH₂CH₂Br, Cu:NCH₂CH₂Cl    Hg:NCH₂CH₂SO₃H, -NN-C₆H₃(OH)COOH,    -N:N-CS-NH(CH₂:CHCH₂), C₄H₂N₂O₃:N-COOC₂H₅ or ester, Schweizer reagent,    -N:N-CH₂CH₂SO₃H, -N:N-CH₂COOC₂H₅, Hg:N-CH₂CH₂Br    (CH₃)₃CC₆H₃(OCH₃)OH, and (CH₃)₃CC₆H₃(OH)₂:N:N-CH₂COOC₂H₅.




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