Prüfung durchsichtiger Behälter mit Hilfe eines Retroreflektors

Contrôle de récipients transparents à l'aide d'un rétroréflecteur

Inspection of transparent containers with opposing reflection means


Apparatus (10) for detecting commercial variations in transparent containers (12) such as glass bottles that includes a conveyor (14) for directing containers along a path through an inspection station, and a light source (16) disposed on one side of the path for directing light energy through a container at the inspection station. A light sensing camera (28) is positioned on the same side of the conveyor path, and a retroreflector (22) is positioned on the opposing side of the conveyor path opposite the light source and camera for reflecting light energy transmitted from the source through a container at the station back through the container onto the camera. Commercial variations are detected as a function of variations in intensity of light energy received at the camera.




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