Solid-acid alkylation catalyst compositions and alkylation processes using the same

Feste saure Alkylierungskatalysatorzusammensetzungen und Alkylierungsverfahren unter Verwendung derselben

Compositions catalytiques acides solides pour l'alkylation et procédés d'alkylation les utilisant


New catalyst compositions comprise sulfated and calcined mixtures of (1) a support comprising an oxide or hydroxide of a Group IV-A element, (2) an oxide or hydroxide of molybdenum, and (3) an oxide or hydroxide of a Group I-B, II-B, III-A, III-B, IV-B, V-A or VI-A metal other than molybdenum or a metal of the Lanthanide Series of the Periodic Table. A process for alkylation of acyclic saturated compounds with acyclic unsaturated compounds utilizing such catalyst compositions.




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