Appareil d'exposition à balayage


Scanning exposure apparatus


The slit exposure process camera keeps a photosensitive material flat in the exposure position, and further makes a useless area on the material smaller. The apparatus includes: a pair of feeding rollers 25 disposed upstream from the exposure position for conveying a photosensitive material PM; a transport guide 61 with a flat surface arranged downstream from the rollers 25; and a pressing plate 70 with sufficient elasticity and abrasion resistance for pressing the photosensitive material PM downward. The photosensitive material PM thus pressed runs in contact with a surface of the transport guide 61 and is thereby kept sufficiently flat. Since the process camera does not include another pair of rollers downstream from the exposure position, image reproduction is not disturbed by nipping of the photosensitive material with the downstream rollers, and an unusable area on the end of the photosensitive material is made relatively small.




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