Ordnance ejector system for an aircraft

Ausstossvorrichtung für von Flugzeugen getragene Munitionskörper

Dispositif d'éjection de projectile pour un avion


A ordnance ejector apparatus (10) for ejecting an ordnance from an aircraft includes a mechanical linkage comprising a forward bell crank (36) and a forward connecting link (46) and a rearward bell crank (50) and a rearward connecting link (60). A rail (24) releasably retains an ordnance (16) thereto and is pivotally connected at opposite ends (26, 28) to the forward connecting link (46) and the rearward connecting link (60). Two pyrotechnically operated pistons (78, 88) are disposed in end-to-end relation and act independently on the forward bell crank (36) and rearward bell crank (50). The rail (24) includes a plurality of ordnance retaining hooks (152) which are automatically actuated to release the ordnance (16) when the rail (24) is extended by the mechanical linkage. A mechanical hoist (108) is manually operated by a screw shaft (110) for manually extending the rail (24) to attach an ordnance (16) thereto.




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