Gleisstücke für Spielzeugeisenbahnen und ähnliches

Track sections for model railways and the like

Portion de chemin pour chemin de fer miniature et jouets similaires


A track section (2) for use in a model railway or other tracked vehicle layout, the track section including at least one pair of rails or tracks (8) and rail or track supporting means (6, 10), said track section being in the form of a generally hollow structure such that electric cable or other power-carrying means may be located beneath the rails or tracks and within the hollow interior of the track section, a plurality of track sections being removably connectable together in end-to-­end relationship by co-operating plugs (22A) and sockets (22B) on the ends of the track sections, means (60A, 62) being provided to prevent relative sideways displacement between connected track sections.




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