Codage et décodage d'un signal video à l'aide d'un filtre auto-adaptable

Videosignalkodierung und -dekodierung mit einem adaptiven Filter

Video encoding and decoding using an adpative filter


A transmitting section of the system according to the invention has transmitting section signal paths for at least three classes of motion, each with a preprocessing circuit (143, 145 and 147) which are provided with means for individually sampling. These sampling means sample in accordance with separate sampling patterns so that each preprocessing circuit (143, 145 or 147) supplies a video signal which is suitable for a display with an optimum distribution of temporal and/or spatial resolution for the associated class of motion. Dependent on the class of motion determined, one of the preprocessing circuits (143, 145 or 147) is coupled to a channel (170). The video signal to be supplied to the channel (170) is therefore a video signal suitable for a display with an optimum distribution of temporal and/or spatial resolution for the given class of motion (Fig. 1A). A normal-definition MAC receiver is capable of displaying the compatible transmitted video signal, but without being able to make use of the possibility of a display with a higher spatial resolution in the case of little or no motion. A high-definition receiving section of the system according to the invention also has at least three receiving section signal paths comprising a postprocessing circuit (43, 45 and 47) which decodes a received video signal in accordance with a method associated with the relevant postprocessing circuit (43, 45 or 47). The correct postprocessing circuit (43, 45 or 47) is selected in accordance with the class of motion, so that in the receiving section of the system according to the invention a display with an increasing spatial resolution can be achieved in the case of a decreasing motion




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