Benzofuran-2-yl-imidazole mit pharmazeutischer Wirkung, ihre Salze und relevante Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung

(Benzofuran-2-yl)imidazoles having pharmaceutical activity, their salts and relevant production processes

Benzofuran-2-yl-imidazoles avec activité pharmaceutique, leurs sels et procédés relatifs pour leur préparation


Compounds corresponding to the general formula I wherein: - R and R1, that may be different, represent a hydrogen atom, a halogen, an alkyl group, an alkoxy radical in which the alkyl group contains one to four carbon atoms, a nitro group, a cyano group, an amino group, an acetamino group, a sulfamidic or N-substituted sulfamidic group; R2 represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen, an alkoxy radical, an alkyl group, a phenyl group, a phenylalkyl group, in which the alkylen radical contains two to four carbon atoms, a nitro group, a cyano group, an amino group, an acetamino group, an N-substituted sulfamidic group; and R3 represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, preferably containing one to three carbon atoms or a cyano group, are useful as antifungal and antibacterial agents.




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