Capteur de débit


Flow sensor


A flow sensor comprises a body (4) formed with a through bore (5), at least one fluid inlet (6, 7) and one fluid outlet (7,6) for permitting ingress and egress of fluid to and from the sensor, and a spool (8) slidably mounted within the bore and having at least one shaped end (38) past which fluid flows from the inlet to the outlet, characterised in that the spool (8) also has resilient means (26) mounted internally thereof and acting against and between two spaced abutments (27, 28) which are connected to the interior of the spool in such a way that they move with the spool in one direction of movement thereof and slide relative to the spool in the opposite direction of movement thereof, the spool being arranged to close the outlet in the null position of the spool when no fluid flow takes place, and being movable against the action of the resilient means when fluid flow is present, to open the outlet, the extent of movement being representative of the rate of flow of the fluid and being sensed by sensor means (37) associated with the spool to provide an output also representative of fluid flow.




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