Automatic twine wrapper for round bale forming machine

Automatische Bindevorrichtung für Rundballenpressen

Dispositif de liage automatique pour presses à balles cylindriques


An automatic twine wrapper (31) for a round baler (10) is provided comprising a twine dispensing arm (36) having a retracted home position and which is movable in the vicinity of the bale chamber inlet (41). A drive motor (42) is operably coupled with the dispensing arm (36) for moving the latter during the twine dispensing cycle and automatic control means (65) are coupled with the drive motor (42) for, when triggered, causing the drive motor (42) to move the dispensing arm (36) in accordance with a predetermined dispensing cycle from its retracted home position toward the bale chamber inlet (41) and in the vicinity thereof and back to its home position as the twine dispensing cycle is being completed. The control means (65) comprise a starter means (50) operable to initiate the dispensing cycle and detector means (61) operable to detect whether twine (32) is wrapped upon the bale (R) or otherwise. The detector means (61) generate a first signal when twine (32) is not being applied upon the bale and a second signal when twine wrapping has started. The control means (65) further also comprise a time delay (92) coupled with the detector means (61) and which is operable to check the condition detected by the detector means (61) at a predetermined point in the dispensing cycle for causing at least temporary interruption of the dispensing cycle in the presence, at said point, of said first signal, and for permitting uninterrupted continuation of the dispensing cycle when, at said point in the cycle, the detector means (61) generate said second signal.




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