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US-2010069880-A1: Medical guide element with diameter transition patent, US-2012017347-A1: Auxiliary Gear Attachment System and Method patent, US-2012308204-A1: Method and apparatus for controlling a display of multimedia content using a timeline-based interface patent, US-2011005231-A1: Fuel nozzle guide plate mistake proofing patent, US-2010243336-A1: Backfilled polycrystalline diamond cutter with high thermal conductivity patent, US-2010269277-A1: Combined article for personal hygiene patent, US-2011111590-A1: Device and methodology for reducing effective dielectric constant in semiconductor devices patent, US-2010191569-A1: System and method for providing web-based management solutions patent, US-2011131981-A1: Inlet system for an egr system patent, US-2010104260-A1: Video recording prevention system patent, US-2010109310-A1: Seated skiing or snowboarding device patent, US-2011239210-A1: System and methods for remote maintenance in an electronic network with multiple clients patent, US-2011070136-A1: Promoter enhanced chilled ammonia based system and method for removal of co2 from flue gas stream patent, US-2011113061-A1: Techniques for providing xquery access using web services patent, US-2011022360-A1: Multiple axes scanning system and method for measuring radiation from a radiation source patent, US-2011208905-A1: Non-Volatile Memory Device For Concurrent And Pipelined Memory Operations patent, US-2011156117-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2010095247-A1: Data-driven interface for managing materials patent, US-2011121965-A1: Sensory Enhancement Systems and Methods in Personal Electronic Devices patent, US-2011225216-A1: Method for consistent storage of data in an industrial controller patent, US-2010092757-A1: Methods for Bonding Porous Flexible Membranes Using Solvent patent, US-2010243225-A1: Flat tube, flat tube heat exchanger, and method of manufacturing same patent, US-2011044605-A1: Method of and system for mobile surveillance and event recording patent, US-2011214387-A1: High density polyurethane and polyisocyanurate construction boards and composite boards patent, US-2010091535-A1: Adaptive estimation of memory cell read thresholds patent, US-2010092049-A1: Method of Precision Eye-Tracking Through Use of Iris Edge Based Landmarks in Eye Geometry patent, US-2010101114-A1: Lace system for footwear patent, US-2011071658-A1: Media appliance with docking patent, US-2011121289-A1: Thin film transistor patent, US-2010100138-A1: Endoscopic Insturments and Mehod for Delivery of Spinal Implant patent, US-2010269115-A1: Managing Threads in a Wake-and-Go Engine patent, US-2010071304-A1: Fastener-receiving components for use in concrete structures patent, US-2010235793-A1: Methods and Graphical User Interfaces for Editing on a Multifunction Device with a Touch Screen Display patent, US-2010314027-A1: Optical junction apparatus and methods employing optical power transverse-transfer patent, US-2010219155-A1: Equipment and methods for etching of mems patent, US-2011191044-A1: Interconnect for on-body analyte monitoring device patent, US-2011139658-A1: Absorbent Article Comprising A Synthetic Polymer Derived From A Renewable Resource And Methods Of Producing Said Article patent, US-2014123228-A1: Event Reporting and Handling patent, US-2011308577-A1: Photovoltaic panel and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2012019581-A1: Information processing system, printing apparatus, and information processing method patent, US-2012028525-A1: Polymer latex suitable for the preparation of dip-molded articles patent, US-2012040248-A1: Positive active material and nonaqueous secondary battery equipped with positive electrode including same patent, US-2012050963-A1: Latching mechanism and electronic device using the same patent, US-2012087668-A1: Method and device for generating and receiving oofdm signal, and wavelength-division multiplexing system patent, US-2012100188-A1: Solid state forms of paliperidone salts and process for the preparation thereof patent, US-2012100295-A1: High strength phosphate-based cement having low alkalinity patent, US-2012107396-A1: Compositions For The Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders Including Depression Employing Novel Drug Combination Therapy To Reduce Suicidality In Patients patent, US-2012125607-A1: Parallel fed well antenna array for increased heavy oil recovery patent, US-2012224145-A1: Method and apparatus for inhibiting the piracy of motion pictures patent, US-2012283091-A1: Catalyst for converting exhaust gases patent, US-2012294978-A1: Enzymes For Starch Processing patent, US-2012544-A: Chance game device patent, US-2013042538-A1: Low cost hurricane and earthquake resistant house patent, US-2013100818-A1: Method for determining placement of internet taps in wireless neighborhood networks patent, US-2013123310-A1: Modulators of sperm hypermobility and uses thereof patent, US-2013155829-A1: Recording apparatus and method patent, US-2014039954-A1: Project management with task templification and concentration, and automated provider identification and scheduling patent, US-2014058318-A1: Systems and methods for sustained medical infusion and devices related thereto patent, US-2014088102-A1: (alpha-substituted cycloalkylamino and heterocyclylamino) pyrimidinyl and 1,3,5-triazinyl benzimidazoles, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and their use in treating proliferative diseases patent, US-2014093673-A1: Polycarbonate composition to produce optical quality products with high quality and good processability patent, US-2014113298-A1: Detection and mixing in a conduit in integrated bioanalysis systems patent, US-2014163242-A1: Intermediates for the preparation of analogs of halichondrin b patent, US-2014170655-A1: Isolation of selected marker-free micoorganisms with a known genetic element patent, US-2014314665-A1: Nanoparticle and polymer formulations for thyroid hormone analogs, antagonists, and formulations thereof patent, US-2010047900-A1: Novel l-Lysine-inducible promoter patent, US-2010109056-A1: Methods for protecting gate stacks during fabrication of semiconductor devices and semiconductor devices fabricated from such methods patent, US-2010136664-A1: Carboxin resistance gene for flammulina velutipes patent, US-2010236668-A1: High strength steel pipe for line pipe superior in low temperature toughness and high strength steel plate for line pipe and methods of production of the same patent, US-2010239277-A1: Image forming apparatus, printing operation control method and computer-readable information recording medium patent, US-2010270289-A1: Hot Melt Application System patent, US-2010282431-A1: Measuring System for Continuous Casting Machines patent, US-2010299786-A1: Marker genetically linked to tobamovirus resistance in cucumber and the use thereof patent, US-2011004028-A1: Process for production of dialcohol, process for production of allylhalide compound, and allylchloride compound patent, FR-647024-A: Perfectionnements aux appareils duplicateurs patent, US-2011051531-A1: Data output control circuit of a double data rate (ddr) synchronous semiconductor memory device responsive to a delay locked loop (dll) clock patent, US-2011256173-A1: Chemical synthesis of phosphatidylinositol mannoside glycans from mycobacterium tuberculosis patent, US-2011288232-A1: Latex emulsions and coating compositions formed from latex emulsions patent, US-2012022102-A1: Method for preparation of pitavastatin and its pharmaceutical acceptable salts thereof patent, US-2012108050-A1: Work function engineering for edram mosfets patent, US-2012175313-A1: System and method for adjustment of blood separation procedure parameters patent, US-2012253316-A1: Percutaneous biologic delivery system patent, US-2012268957-A1: Reflow solderable, surface mount optic mounting patent, US-2012270273-A1: Transcription activator-like effectors patent, US-2012300532-A1: Method of forming process for variable resistive element and non-volatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-2012319553-A1: Organic light emitting device with conducting cover patent, US-2013066872-A1: Method and Apparatus for Organizing Images patent, US-2013109068-A1: Methods For Producing Acetone, Butanol, and Ethanol patent, US-2013133373-A1: Silicon refining equipment patent, US-2013295606-A1: Synthetic pathway enzymes for the production of argyrins patent, US-2013305287-A1: Systems and methods for generating a user profile based customized media guide that includes an internet source patent, US-2014107227-A1: Mucoadhesive drug delivery devices and methods of making and using thereof patent, US-2014208520-A1: Air-powered low interface pressure overlay patent, US-2014316173-A1: Process for producing jet fuel from a hydrocarbon synthesis product stream patent, US-2014356614-A1: Gel composition and a use thereof patent, US-2010106928-A1: Storage device, storage system, and unlock processing method patent, US-2010113796-A1: Indole derivatives as s1p1 receptor patent, US-2011034616-A1: Polycarbonate and process for producing the same patent, US-2011055784-A1: Multi-threaded global routing patent, US-2011124103-A1: Macrocyclic derivative and assemblies formed therefrom patent, US-2011176093-A1: Optical film and liquid crystal display patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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